Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Professional Telemarketers Means Professional Information Handling

People who think telemarketing has been snuffed out by the rise of stricter telecommunications regulations around the world (e.g. DNC registers like those in Canada and Australia), actually are the type to have a very incomplete view of the business world.

Remember, there are more or less two kinds of business transactions that keep that world going: B2B and B2C. Businesses engaged in B2C are the ones that the naysayers see everyday selling them the commodities and products they shop for and think it's the only thing businesses do. They don't seem to recognize just how equally important B2B transactions are, how they work, and what significant role they play.

B2B companies like those supplying HR software actually play an integral part because they provide the systems that help a company manage itself (in this case, pay its workers). This is why even today, they use telemarketing for software leads because it's the only way they'll ever get in contact with authorized decision makers (who alone can understand and appreciate what their technology can do).

As for the laws, it hardly poses a challenge and at times it even assists them because businesses are not allowed to register for a national DNC list. Whether they're outsourcing or hiring professionals for an in-house department, emphasizing on the professional aspect is important because they know how to handle the information they get to navigate directories both inside and outside their targets.

It's high time that B2B companies stop worrying about the opinion of those who see things only from the consumer side when it comes to discussing matters regarding B2B that rarely ever involve them. Business calling ventures like telemarketing in Australia aren't as difficult when you have professionals handling B2B information.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Outsourcing Telemarketing Helps You Obtain Warm Business Intelligence Software Leads

Business intelligence software manufacturers and resellers have been helping companies when it comes to benchmarking, data and text mining, predicting analytics, online analytical processing and managing business performance. Since the number of providers are growing and new players are about to come sooner than later, firms may not be able to enjoy the high sales performance that they have experienced before. The challenge of competition is making it hard for the players to get as many ripe business opportunities they can handle. How to fight back harder to land in front of prospects? What is the right way towards the doors of sales-ready buyers? In this case, outsourcing can offer help.
What makes an outsourced telemarketing a viable method to generate warm business intelligence software leads? Why are outbound call centers competent in software lead generation? Here is a list of convincing reasons:
  • Save money. Cost-reduction has been the most popular benefit of outsourcing. Companies can take advantage of the low-cost solutions without worrying the quality of services they will receive. With the prices soaring high and financial pressures, firms need to save as much money as possible and outsourcing can help.
  • Work with the experts. The manpower of reliable service providers are composed of professional telemarketers who have the technical training and proficiency in software lead generation. You will be confident that your campaigns are handled by the right people.
  • Use of leading technology. Outsourcers have also invested so much in acquiring technological applications. They want to provide client services at high-speed performance and with the least number of errors.
  • Get as many qualified b2b leads. Of course, the use of specialists and technology leads to the generation of qualified b2b leads.
Every software firm wants to fill their sales pipeline with warm leads and appointments. You can attain this goal through outsourcing. Get in touch with a first-rate BPO partner now.