Monday, April 30, 2012

Outsourced Telemarketing – Calling Before The Work Day Is Over

All right so you're a BI software company but you can't afford the heavy work that comes with contacting targets and qualifying them for B2B leads. Granted, it really is quite heavy given that you need to cover even more than one channel of communication. You have mixes of methods old and new (e.g. telemarketing and social media) as well as finding the space (both physical and digital) to do it en masse. Software for business intelligence only sells well to C-level executives and the like. They may pay a lot but that money may come too far and too few in between if you don't generate leads fast enough.

However, what criteria should you have? Of course, you have the basics of good communication, strategic data management, and thorough qualification process but are there others? Well another one you have already read about is proper timing.

For now though, what exactly are the marks of good timing? For one, a good B2B telemarketer keeps track of what time they're calling. You don't have to be calling internationally either for this. Since you're a BI software group, a good test of timing is knowing when the work day is over.

Remember, even executives still have a human side to them and that side often manifests itself after the day's work is done and they go home. Sure you might hear some people say that they can still be marketed to even after work but that more likely comes from the fact that they become regular consumers which is still one sign of them being regular people. That definitely still rules them out as potential software leads during such time. Make sure you outsource those who can call them before the work day is over!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Generate HR Leads, Prevent Bad Paychecks

Let's face it, nothing sours a hardworking employee more than a bad paycheck. Whether it's a bouncing check or one that has unexplainable deductions, it's more than enough for employers to lose respect amongst the ones they hired. Group them together in larger numbers and a company might even a strike on its hands.

A scenario like that is most likely the result of a mismanaged payroll. And like everything else involving employees, payrolls are managed by HR. Therefore, if you're a reseller or a manufacturer of HR software, these are some of the many kinds of people you should be looking out for. More specifically, these people could be your leads. If you're already in the midst of your own B2B lead generation campaign, you might want to keep that in mind. After all, payroll softwares are one of the many tools expected from HR software manufacturers.

Speaking of which, how does one start generating leads for this kind of product? Even if you did know what kind people to sell to, finding them is another story. It's not very likely that a company will admit to just anyone that they've been having trouble paying their employees. Something like just has so much potential for scandal.

Telemarketers firms can easily solve that as asking the right questions is one of the things their agents do best. In the case of HR manufacturers, firms specializing in software telemarketing (particularly ones familiar with HR software) are the ones to go to. Their databases promise both security and privacy for contacts. So if you're still looking for a hassle-free way to reach those sensitive contacts, you'd best outsource to them now before another company gives a bad check.

Monday, April 2, 2012

B2B Leads – Quality Followed By Quantity

Now suppose you're already outsourcing a B2B telemarketing service for your ERP software package. You already know the benefits of using the phone over the usual marketing methods of media advertising, web banners etc. It's more direct and the flexibility of both the communication and the communicating agent allows for a really fast qualification process.

At some point, you might end up encountering an individual who is all hellbent against telemarketing. This person thinks that all telemarketers do is disrupt people's lives in the attempt to make a fast buck. They even cite entire countries who seem against it (like the way telemarketing in Australia is heavily restricted). The DNC registers would seem a good case against you ever trying to market your product to the Land Down Under at least.

Well that's enough about what such people think and more about the real truth.

You're not really after those on the DNC register are you?

Indeed you're not because when it comes to getting ERP software leads, the quantity in those registers is high but their quality is absolutely non-existent. Those lists are filled with private home and cellphone numbers, not the numbers of an executive's office or even that of a small business owner. Activists who are against telemarketing really do not know how the difference between B2B and B2C plays a role in their prejudice.

Businesses like yours demand quality followed by quantity. Having plenty of leads is good but not as good as having them certified to ensure that you have the highest chances of a sale. The numbers are there to ensure you still have work to do but it's the quality that makes sure of it. Keep telemarketing for those leads because those critics don't even know how the process even works.