Thursday, October 11, 2012

Use Appointment Setting To Explore More Possibilities

There does not seem to be an end to the constant mantra of “Do Not Need”. What hope can be found in appointment setting when you cannot even spark a prospect's interest over the phone let alone in an entire business meeting?

The key is to not lose hope and to always find more possibilities.

Spread Your Lead Generation Plan Across The Bigger Picture

For example, suppose you were a CRM software vendor and have been recently marketing the promises of integrating the mobile experience for a more accurate assessment of consumer behavior. Unfortunately, you just cannot seem to generate enough CRM leads with the idea simply because your prospects do not see consumers paying with their mobile phones.

How can you get more of them interested in something that not even the average consumer seems to need? The answer is obvious. You are not focusing on the greater possibilities.

Read again, you want to offer a software solution that integrates technology that is seeing increasing use and relevance when it comes to customer data. Sales do matter but is it not also important to learn what lead to those sales?

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The fact is just because somebody cites how only a few people use their smart phones to pay for something does not mean they have a point. Like any other sales process, there is more to using mobile than using it instead of paper and coin. MediaPost, for instance, has just reported that consumers still use their mobile to assist in shopping even though they do not make the actual purchase with a mobile device.

Mobile devices have already revolutionized shopping. Last year, four out of five U.S. smartphone owners used their devices to help with shopping, according to Google/Ipsos. Of those people, 76 percent purchased in store; 59 percent purchased on their PCs; and 35 percent made their purchases on their smartphones. As mobile commerce becomes easier and more secure, expect that last number to rise considerably.

Such statistics make it tempting to predict the death of brick-and-mortar retail. But rather than cede their business, retailers like Best Buy will be forced to embrace mobile as part of the in-store experience, says Mark Silber, executive creative director of WPP mobile agency Joule.”

If you really want to present the possibilities then all you have to do is touch upon those possibilities during your software appointment setting campaign. For a basic start, take the following steps:

  • Re-evaluate the possibilities and add more research – Again, do not be taken aback by negative findings. Make sure your marketers still keep in mind that what you have goes beyond them. Try to find more statistics like the ones cited from MediaPost as well.

  • Keep it simple for them – The bottom-line is still important so avoid trying to impress prospects with excessive jargon and long-winded explanations. Save it for the actual appointment if you have to. When you think about it, the more simple and frank you are, the sooner they might realize what they are missing.

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At this point, it also pays to be cautious when it comes to being too presumptuous. You cannot expand over something if you do not know what that something is. Tell your lead generation services to wait and listen first and then respond by suggesting your prospect can realize more possibilities.

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