Thursday, October 25, 2012

Using Lead Generation To Combat Poorly Cheap Alternatives To Proper Software

When people think marketing and lead generation, they immediately think promotion. They forget that it serves a purpose that could arguably far more important: sharing information. And in this day and age, information is the key to combating the sudden rise of 'cheap alternatives' in business. 

Generating Software Leads Among Tight-Budget Businesses

For example, suppose you are a frustrated HR software vendor. The reason for your frustrations are not the result of making a bad product or being outdone by competitors. But rather, your HR leads are being stolen by competition that uses a bad product. 
The bad product in question is a so-called 'cheap alternative' to your recruitment software. The reason why this is so bad is because this alternative is not only wrong for you but also from the eyes of equally legitimate competitors! The method relies more on cutting corners and marketing hype than actual quality. 
Make no mistake, it is not wrong to save up on costs and at times it is more advantageous to employ the cheaper of two alternatives when they produce the same results. 
But that is the condition: The results must be the same. 
In the case of your poorly cheap alternative, you have the tactic of using sites like Facebook to qualify candidates. But according to Amit De on Mashable, such a tactic results in a dangerous and confusing mix between the professional and the personal. 
So what happens when the professional merges with the personal? The fact is, Facebook simply isn’t the core of your job search experience, as it’s been traditionally used for our social lives. How can you ensure employers won’t see anything that could cast you in a negative light, like pictures from this weekend or a less-than-professional wall post from a friend? 
One way to ensure employers can’t snoop is to keep your Facebook profile as private as you can. First, run a quick Google search to make sure your profile no longer pops up in association with your name. If it does, you can make your profile unreachable by search engines by clicking on the “Ads, Apps, and Websites” option under “Privacy settings,” then edit your settings under the “Public search” category. Consider restricting who can send you friend requests, and keep your phone number and email address limited to only friends. You can also restrict who sends you messages and who can see what others post on your timeline — choose from pre-determined options or customize it to specifically block this information from those who you may have friended for professional reasons.” 
Now supposed that De's advice were to be followed by many job seekers. The result is the cheap alternative produces lesser results because they do not want prospective employers looking up their social lives. They will divulge details that only give out information on their professional ones. The problem is your prospects might not know that and this is where software lead generation comes in. 
It is like the professional doctor calling out the snake-oil salesman. You need to share this information so that not only will they be interested, they will not waste time with something that clearly does not work well and comes with strings attached. 
To summarize, never despair when someone suddenly comes around calling your prospects with false promises. Head them off by approaching your HR sales leads with real information!

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