Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Appointment Setting – Do Not Cram Prospects Like Sardines!

The title may be stating the most obvious fact in appointment setting. However, there has yet to be a complete end to salespeople who think stuffing themselves with software appointments makes them a better vendor. On the contrary, it just makes you look like a person who takes pleasure in cramping prospects into sardine cans. You think appointment setting has no concept of spacing? Think again.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Lead Generation – Different Industries, Different Worlds

Your lead generation is actually like a ship. And not just any ship, it is a ship that can travel across different dimensions! Why? Because just like those dimensions, sometimes you have to market your business software to different industries. It might seem advantageous to have technology that can be used by all businesses and expands your sales lead generation targets (much like traveling to different worlds sounds fun). Just imagine your sales pipeline getting filled with hr software leads, business intelligence leads, SAP sales leads, oracle sales leads and other software leads from various sectors!

However, you will be asking for trouble if your lead generation campaign has little understanding of the industries you are targeting. Different worlds also include different dangers and unexpected encounters. Many stories that feature a multiverse tell of both the perils and the thrills. The ship that is your lead generation campaign should prepare its crew when it travels.

Guiding Your Lead Generation Across The Industrial Multiverse

It can be easy (if not fun) to re-imagine the different industries that your lead generation targets as different worlds to travel. For example, the manufacturing industry can be represented by a steam punk world full of hulking machines and tower-sized factories. The healthcare industry can be a unique realm where doctors fight monstrous bacteria using medical-based weapons and technology. But again, make sure that your lead generation campaign does not find itself lost in unfamiliar territory:

  • Remember your goals – Many multiverse journeys are due to a higher purpose that affects all the different worlds. It is the reason why your lead generation campaign targets multiple industries in the first place. There must be a common need or even a common threat that you need to address. That is how B2B software sales leads are first identified after all.

  • Start with what you see first – Before digging deeper, took a look around the world your lead generation campaign has landed you in. Much like the examples above, the nature of the world can be quite obvious. After that, make sure these details, while general, are relayed to your salespeople before they disembark and explore.

  • Gradually blend in – Of course, you need to avoid standing out at some point. Make sure your sales lead generation campaign is not too promotional that it becomes a dead giveaway for a lot of things (lack of understanding, disregard for what prospects value etc). Software lead generation may be about getting interest in your tech but not everyone will be initially eager to want your help.

  • Get to learn more – Some worlds are not so obvious on the outside. Several multiverse stories even have words that look exactly the same! Somewhere though, there are subtler things that make them different. Your lead generation plan should be for finding out what that is. Only then can you learn if there is a problem to be solved.

When your lead generation strategy markets to different industries, it is only common sense to acknowledge that difference and adjust yourself to each one. Learning about what an industry does and how your business can help sounds like quite the adventure. But like all adventures, you need to come prepared and to make sure your involvement does not do more harm than good.