Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Appointment Setting – Do Not Cram Prospects Like Sardines!

The title may be stating the most obvious fact in appointment setting. However, there has yet to be a complete end to salespeople who think stuffing themselves with software appointments makes them a better vendor. On the contrary, it just makes you look like a person who takes pleasure in cramping prospects into sardine cans. You think appointment setting has no concept of spacing? Think again.

Using Appointment Setting To Force Prospects Into A Packed Line

The concept behind this mistake is so malicious, it distorts itself from the healthy enthusiasm expected of salespeople. Your software leads should be in the hands of someone who will pursue them professionally and orderly, not force them to get in line for appointment setting. Being made to wait that long is both stressful and time-consuming. Why would you want appointment setting to wish that on your prospects?

Well believe it or not, expect a lot of reasons why some salespeople make this mistake. All of the however are ultimately inexcusable but the best way to handle them is to cut off their basis.

  • You are desperate for prospects – So you need a lot of prospects to save a company. Do you think a jam-packing appointment setting strategy is the answer? Chances are you are more likely to scare prospects away once they get a hint of your cluttered schedule. A good appointment setting process manages the time of both prospects and salespeople. The fact that bad scheduling becomes obvious renders it self-defeating.

  • Competition is pressing in – Nothing irritates prospects and customers alike than to see vendors squabble over them. Such is the case when your appointment setting process treats potential clients as if they were merely goods in a harvesting contest. Unfortunately for you, your prospects have minds of their own and would only see a waste of time in the whole affair.

  • You are running out of time – Is it the final stretch? Even so, rushing and trying to do as much work as possible without proper planning is likely to waste what little time you have left. Your salespeople should not be standing around fretting until the B2B appointment setting process is at boiling point capacity.

  • You want to get ahead – This perhaps the worst reason to hear and any salesperson with this kind of motive for appointment setting should get a stern talking to. Sure, it may seem natural for any business to strive for the top. That is still not worth the the cost of forsaking a more well-planned appointment setting strategy. It is far less worth the cost of turning of prospects who high-tail at the sight excess ambition.

When your appointment setting strategy is meant to pack prospects into uncomfortable spaces in terms of time and convenience, you are not doing it right. Your B2B sales leads are not sardines. They are your customers. They are real people!

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